Tech start-ups

Articles and news on UK tech startups and their role in driving innovation, transforming the way we live, work, and interact in the digital age.


LogMeIn acquires Silicon Roundabout start-up Pachube

Silicon Roundabout start-up Pachube has been acquired by US-based LogMeIn for $15 million (£9.2 million) in cash a year after public release.

Growth Planning

Mark Hales launches £200,000 start-up Oxygen Accelerator

Entrepreneur Mark Hales has launched a £200,000 start-up accelerator programme in Birmingham that aims to develop entrepreneurship by providing tech start-ups with early stage finance and mentoring.


George Coelho: The golden touch

A Silicon Valley veteran, George Coelho could fill Fort Knox with the value he’s created from turning nascent tech ventures into the blue-chip giants of tomorrow. No wonder he topped Business XL's Power Top 50 earlier this year.

Venture Capital Funding

Tech is back!

MTI Partners, one of the leading venture capital firms providing risk capital to early-stage technology companies, won the coveted Venture Capital Fund of the Year at the recent Investor AllStars Awards, the pre-eminent awards ceremony for the UK technology venture capital industry.