Tech hubs


Government revives Oxford-Cambridge tech hub

Sunak backs plan with £2.5m to develop ‘UK Silicon Valley’ based on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc


A guide to the Belfast tech hub

More than 25 per cent of all available jobs in Belfast are tech related compared to just 10 per cent in 2018


A guide to the London tech hub

More than a third of all Europe’s tech giants are based in London with the sector accounting for one in five jobs in the city


A guide to the Cardiff-Bristol tech hub

Cardiff's new Innovation Hub, which received a total of £9.5m in funding, is looking to grow the Welsh cyber sector by 50 per cent by 2030


A guide to the Pennines tech hub

Thanks to a wealth of universities and financial services, the Pennines is a tech hub home to the highest number of fintechs outside London


A guide to the Glasgow-Edinburgh tech hub

Edinburgh is the most active tech community outside London with 31 per cent of its job roles in the tech sector, writes Jobbio’s Kirstie McDermott


Manchester beats London as leading UK start-up hub

A new global study reveals that in the UK, Manchester is much more conducive to starting up than London from a cost and ease perspective. However, this study doesn't take access to finance and opportunities to secure investment into account.


Is Berlin the new technology hub of Europe?

Berlin sets the pace for percentage growth of new start-ups as London experiences a slowdown after Brexit.


From outsourcing outpost to global tech talent hub: Is Cluj Europe’s Silicon Valley? 

Little more than a decade ago many tech professionals may have struggled to find Cluj on a map. But in that time the city's established itself as a hotbed for tech talent.


Russ Shaw’s Tech London Advocates founded with Saul Klein and Sherry Coutu

Technology heavyweights including Sherry Coutu, Saul Klein and Julie Meyer are coming together to form Tech London Advocates with the aim of strengthening London's tech and digital business hub.


East End to ‘rival’ Silicon Valley

International entrepreneurs are to be attracted to a technology hub in London's East End, the Prime Minister has announced.