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Record number of new companies launched in 2023

NatWest and Beauhurst’s New Startup Index reports a record 900,000 companies were started in 2023, up 12% on 2022


What’s the best country in the world to be an entrepreneur? 

The answer may surprise you. When it came to the Top 50 countries ranked for entrepreneurship, the UK was only middling.

Growth Planning

5 ways starting and running a business is a marathon, not a sprint

Ahead of the London Marathon this weekend, Xero’s co-founder and UK MD, Gary Turner, outlines the five ways in which starting and running a business is a marathon and not a sprint.


5 things to know in the first few years of starting up

Starting your own business can be a scary prospect. BrightHR's Paul Tooth offers advice on what to do in the first few years of starting up.

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No cash? No problem! How to start a business with no money

Money is no object when you're starting up, says Instant Offices' John Williams. Here are five ways to get off the ground.

Alternative Finance for Business

7 ways to bootstrap your business to the top

Securing start-up loans and seed investment is a lot more easier today than it was five years ago. But self-funded entrepreneurs suggest you bootstrap your business if you're looking to grow a creative and agile company.

Growth Planning

A guide to starting your own electrician business

Here, we look at how to start your own electrician business with tips on the qualifications to achieve and equipment to invest in.

Growth Planning

Going it alone: How to start your very own business

Design and printing specialist Helloprint has created a new infographic designed to help budding entrepreneurs set up their own businesses


Entrepreneur attempts to start a business with just £50

Chris Hillary has so far spent £13.60, he tells Growth Business


How starting a business in tough times made it a stronger prospect

Legislation and Regulation

A guide to legal requirements when starting a business

There are so many things to consider when launching a business, so it's good to know you at least have the legal side pegged. Law firm Slater Heelis give their tips for success.


Starting up a business with your university dorm mate

Young entrepreneurs Roy Kimani and James Hakesley met during the first week of university. Having played around with video cameras to make some extra money while studying, the duo have now launched their own company - a video platform designed for businesses.