Human Resources

Alternatives to redundancy

Letting good people go should always be a last resort.

Human Resources

Team building with a difference

Few business leaders will have considered circus training for their staff, or installed a “think-u-bator”, in which employees can ponder and have moments of greatness. Yet there are companies out there that are doing exactly these things.

Human Resources

Managing staff time

The dividing line between work and personal time is becoming increasingly blurred. A flexible, self-regulating approach to time management will benefit both employee and employer, argues Simon Norris of software supplier Temperus.

Human Resources

Smile, you’re at work

A cynical workforce can devastate your business as surely as any economic downturn.

Human Resources

Getting the most out of Staff Appraisals

The key to staff appraisal meetings is that there should be no surprises. For instance, if an employee tells a manager that the six months since the last review have gone really badly, it should not be the first they've heard of it.

Growth Planning

Building a benefits programme for your employees

Rewards retain staff: hardly rocket science but an area that more and more fast-growing companies are paying attention to in the bid to hold on to their competitive advantage: their employees.