Smart Cities

Growth Planning

Why should UK businesses expand into India now?

Annapoorna R.S, head of Business Development and Corporate Communications, Link Legal, Globalaw explores why businesses who are considering expanding into India need to be aware of.


Here’s how UK Cleantech firms can jump on board with the renewable energy revolution in China

£24 million joint fund to support UK Cleantech in China with demo days in London planned for companies.

Growth Planning

£5 million smart city data centre to open later this year

Connexin are looking to work with more local authorities outside of Hull in 2018, following major investment last year.


Smart cities in Africa: How Mazen al-Sawwaf and Victoria City are leading the way

Here, we look at how Africa is a prime example of how a wave of smart cities is springing up in modern times.


The number one business case for smart cities

Smart cities have been the solution for untameable urbanisation for the past two decades. But critics question how much of the smart city model is theoretical, and how much actually feasible.


Future Cities Catpult finds home in London as it looks to promote smarter cities

London has been selected to host the Future Cities Catapult, an initiative aimed at making cities smarter and more forward thinking.


Smart technology in cleantech to be a ‘game changer’

The subject of making cities becoming more environmentally friendly was top of the agenda at the Sustainability/Cleantech Stream panel at Tech Tour Solutions 2012.