Articles and news on UK and European scale-ups and their role in driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth.


Government reveals aim to make UK a ‘scaleup powerhouse’

Michelle Donelan wants Britain to be home to half the number of tech unicorns in Europe by 2030


Best business bank accounts for scale-ups

From eligibility requirements to software integrations and support, here is a round-up of the best business bank accounts for scale-ups.


Lack of capital is holding back scale-ups, report finds

Despite a funding gap, almost three quarters of scale-ups see the UK as an attractive place to build a business

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3 ways a smart meter can help your scale-up

A smart meter can help you deal with rising energy prices by improving the accuracy of your bills and helping you take greater control of your energy usage


BGF raises £80m in extra funds through Coutts

Clients of NatWest private bank Coutts back UK Enterprise Fund with £80m to invest alongside main £3bn BGF fund


British Business Bank wants to back more scale-ups 

The bank’s new chief executive says he would like to see the bank plug a funding gap for scale-ups looking for £50m and more

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What is a scale-up visa? 

A scale-up visa allows skilled overseas talent to be employed by eligible scale-ups in the UK


3 jobs at exciting tech scale-ups

Smart workers are now looking at home-grown scale-ups - here are three tech scale-up jobs available now

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What scaleups have in common

Are there any personality traits that founders of scaleups share? What sectors are they in? And do Britain’s fast-growth businesses have other things in common?

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5 steps to prepare your company for scaling

Rajiv Nathwani, founder and director of Quivira Capital, gives 5 tips on successfully scaling your business

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How to scale a tech start-up in a recession

What is a minimum viable product (MVP) and how can you use one to scale your tech start-up fast? What is agile development? Ritam Gandhi answers your questions

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How to scale your business quickly

What does scaling mean? How do you know when you’re ready to scale and how do you grow quickly?