Reverse Takeovers


Hanson Westhouse in reverse takeover

Smaller company investment bank Hanson Westhouse is coming onto AIM through the reverse takeover of Jersey-based SovGem.

Company Flotations

Reverse takeover for Dotmailer

Who says creative types can't do Plc? Patrizia Rossi investigates how digital marketing agency dotMailer recently joined the ranks of PLUS Markets.


PLUS shell seeks reverse takeover

An investment vehicle seeking a suitable target for a reverse takeover in the financial sector has raised £1 million on PLUS.


ValiRx reverses into Azure Holdings

ValiRx, a biopharmaceutical development company, has completed a reverse takeover of AIM company Azure Holdings.

Company Flotations

K3 learns from its mistakes

Andy Makeham is chief executive of K3 Business Technology Group, an enterprise software firm that’s successfully diversified into retail and distribution markets.

Company Flotations

Reverse takeovers – How do you reverse into an old shell

Reversing is a quick and easy way onto AIM for ambitious entrepreneurs. But how do you reverse into an old shell and how can you set up a new one to pursue acquisitions?