Growth Planning

Brexit means more UK business for China over Europe, says expert

As Brexit negotiations come to a head, British retail brands should look no further than the Chinese market, says digital advertising expert.

Growth Planning

Get your brand stocked on the high street: 6 lessons from Solillas

If you are launching a fashion brand and plan to sell it though high street retailers, you’ll need to follow these six steps, says Solillas founder Jonnie Matthew.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Online ads are killing traditional media: Where do retailers stand?

Customers like to engage, compare and seek recommendations about products. StitcherAds' Declan Kennedy outlines the opportunities for retailers.

Exit Strategies

Toys R Us explores possible bankruptcy: what does this mean for the high street?

As Toys R Us hires a law firm to help restructure its $400 million debts due in 2018, ParcelHero e-commerce expert David Jinks says there’s not likely to be a happy ending to the UK high street’s Toy Story.


The rise of the pop-up shop

Thinking about the location of your pop-up should be one of your biggest concerns when starting out. Here are some tips to help you decide what is best for you.

Social Media

Yay or Yeay? The social video retail platform engaging Gen Z

Engaging generation Z is tough for many businesses but Melanie Mohr thinks she has cracked it with her social, video retail app, Yeay.


3 mobile e-commerce tips to gain brand loyalty

Here are the top three tips to make the most of your mobile eCommerce strategy to provide a seamless experience and retain customer loyalty.


Why omnichannel could be the high street’s saviour

New technologies make it easier for retailers to perfect their omnichannel strategy, but the success of brick and mortar stores will depend on how these businesses embrace retail tech. SML Group's Dean Frew writes.


Retail tech: the last hope for the high street

Retail technology platforms which allow for omni-channel retailing may be the high street's only hope, according to technologists. Here's why.


Will smart watches and smart speakers herald the end of the high street?

Apple Watch sales doubled last year, and smart speakers such as Amazon Echo will be a £7 billion market within five years. But are consumers and retailers ready for the revolution in shopping habits they will bring? 

Human Resources

Getting realistic about store experience personalisation

Manhattan Associates' Kevin Swanwick advises retailers to take a step back, prioritise activity and turn on personalisation just when it is needed most.


More than a facade: maintaining your shopfront to boost business

First impressions count, and for new customers that can be business critical for investment, sales and growth. Therefore, to successfully grow your business, regular maintenance audits need to be conducted.