Renewable Energy

Articles and analysis on UK renewable energy startups and companies who are developing projects to provide sustainable and clean energy solutions.


LCA exits Heliodynamics

Low Carbon Accelerator (LCA), an AIM-listed investor in low-carbon technologies, has disposed of its entire shareholding in solar power specialist Heliodynamics.

Growth Planning

Energem Resources is sowing the seeds of success

Energem Resources is transforming the jatropha plant into fuel oil to meet EU biodiesel targets.

Company Flotations

The UK companies powering a renewable energy revolution

'The climate change crisis is like a huge chocolate elephant,’ says Adrian Hutchings, chief executive of alternative energy rising star Energetix.


Wind power sector to see consolidation

The coming years will see increasing consolidation in the fast maturing wind power sector in what was once known as Western Europe, according to a widely respected consultant in the field.


HgCapital buys French wind farms

European private equity firm HgCapital has bought a French wind farm portfolio from German renewable energy company ENERTRAG for £46.7 million.


Simon Daniel: Charged with success

Simon Daniel is a little bit strange. He says things like: 'Fifteen billion batteries a year are made and thrown away. I worked that out the other day to be the equivalent to a column of batteries going to the moon and back.'


Ventus blows itself out

Environmental investor Climate Change Capital (CCC) has ceased raising cash for its Ventus 2 & 3 VCT funds, after pulling in a combined £22.3 million for investment in UK-based renewable energy projects.