Government launches £50m tech and science fund

Funds will go toward research tackling diseases, climate change and developing emerging technologies


Government to invest £250m into AI

Rishi Sunak believes AI is having as big an effect as the Industrial Revolution


New fintech body eyes pension-backed growth fund 

Economic minister says Government-backed national fintech hub will help UK become a ‘technology and science superpower’


UK seeing exodus of R&D activity

Blow to Government ‘science superpower’ dream as 70% of firms plan to move research & development abroad this year


Government proposes to revamp R&D tax credits for small businesses

A consultation document from the Government published on Friday acknowledged there was “merit to the case for further support” to small and medium-sized businesses


Chancellor to drop target to spend £22bn annually on R&D by 2024-5

Treasury decision to renege on annual £22bn target for Government R&D spending means £11bn private investment in British tech will go elsewhere, warns expert

Financial Management

Interview: James Finnegan, head of corporate finance and partner at Bishop Fleming

Fast-growing businesses normally need to restructure management and understand available R&D credits when scaling up.


North East ‘most innovative region’

London may produce the most patents, but North East England generates more innovation relative to its population and resources, a study finds.


Research and development grants

Access to cash is a necessity for all growing firms, in particular emerging hi-tech businesses for whom meaningful revenues remain some way off. Government grants offer an attractive alternative to venture capital and debt for such firms.


Need to know…R&D finance

Businesses involved in leading-edge research and development projects have the opportunity to bid for a share of £80 million, as part of a Government initiative to boost the level of innovation in the UK.