R&D tax credits


What is corporation tax?

What is corporation tax, what are corporation tax rates and how can you reduce your corporation tax bill? Metric Accountants has the answers


UK seeing exodus of R&D activity

Blow to Government ‘science superpower’ dream as 70% of firms plan to move research & development abroad this year

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Why small businesses are missing out on millions in R&D tax credit relief

Failed innovations can still reward a business’s bottom line, providing extra capital which can be reinvested through the research and development (R&D) and Patent Box tax credits. Mark Tighe explains

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How can I reduce my company tax bill?

Here, we examine the ways firms can keep a lean tax bill like Amazon do.

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The state of R&D tax credits and how they can help growth companies

Here's how to make the most of R&D tax credits to boost innovation and grow your business.

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How to grow with R&D tax credits

R&D Tax Credits can help companies grow and can boost employment in the economy. Here's how.

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R&D tax credits: What you need to know

Here are the common complexities of applying for R&D tax credits you need to know about.

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R&D tax relief: how to make a successful claim

With R&D Tax Relief, the process that leads to a successful claim can be difficult, particularly when navigating through the hundreds of pages of HMRC’s submission requirements.

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The whys and hows of R&D tax credits

Despite a broad range of R&D activities being eligible for tax credits under the incentive’s rules, most businesses are unclear on what qualifies for the credits. Here's how two businesses made the most of R&D credits to grow.

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Why aren’t SMEs taking advantage of R&D tax breaks?

There are numerous ways in which SMEs can claim financial incentive rewards for R&D investments: so why are so few doing so and how can we increase awareness?


The Patent Box and tax relief incentives for research and development

Jason Stevens, patent attorney at Dehns, gives an outline of how the Patent Box and R&D tax reliefs work as well as explaining why both may be available to businesses that don’t even realise it.


R&D tax credits explained

New guidance for growing businesses that could benefit from research and development tax relief has been published by Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs.