Gatehouse Bank launches new commercial property finance products

Bank says it has seen increased demand for finance under £2 million over the last 12 months amongst its clients.


Entrepreneur interview: Nakul Sharma CEO of Hostmaker

Nakul Sharma, CEO and founder of Hostmaker on management styles, partnerships and prioritising in a time of growth.


What the boom in flexible office space could mean for your company

If a business is growing quickly, you can move it to a larger location, or even knock down walls and punch in walls in your existing flexible office.


Interview: CEO of The House Crowd, Frazer Fearnhead

GrowthBusiness spoke to The House Crowd's CEO following a successful fundraise for a housing development just outside Manchester.

Growth Planning

Should you continue to lease or buy your own property when growing?

Purchasing office space can be a significant investment for any business, but the long term benefits and earning potential can make the investment a very attractive option. Specialist commercial property solicitors at Abacus explain.


Jacob Lorek: from piano prodigy to millionaire property entrepreneur

He arrived in the UK as a teenager with £200 in his pocket; two years later he was the co-owner of a multimillion construction firm.


UK business power couple announces world’s first Bitcoin priced property development

Baroness Michelle Mone OBE and Douglas Barrowman launch £250 million Bitcoin-priced property development in Dubai.

Growth Planning

Sustainable urban property: Why this market matters

As the world's population increases, investors, entrepreneurs, and developers are turning to innovative solutions to accommodate city dwellers and reap the rewards of a growing international market.

Legislation and Regulation

Long term maintenance of Landlord Assets

The housing crisis has been a thorny problem that has been confronting governments for decades and as each year passes it seems to get worse.


Is it better to invest in a new property as a landlord?

The age-old question answered.

Growth Planning

Protecting your property assets: What you need to know

In this piece, we look at the most important things you need to know in order to protect your property asset.

Financial Management

Banning letting agents’ fees – the good and the bad

Landlords may have to strongly reconsider which letting agents they use if there are expected to pay higher fees, as we discover in this piece.