Salary transparency – is it happening in the UK?

Over 80 per cent of US employers who carried out pay equity audits uncovered equity gaps in their organisations

Financial Management

Annual bonuses: which jobs pay the highest?

Here, we list the industries with the highest annual bonuses and what companies should be aware of when gifting holiday bonuses.

Human Resources

What can big learn from small when it comes to tackling the gender pay gap?

Never before have small business sectors outpaced large companies in the bid to bridge the gender pay gap. Here's what big learn from small in tackling the wage gap.

Human Resources

‘Six Weeks Support’: Why self-employed mums deserve equal maternity pay

The 'Six Weeks Support' campaign asks the government to give self-employed new mums the same financial support that employed new mums receive; support that could have avoided over half of self-employed mums suffering from mental health issues. Here's why.

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Static at 14 per cent: “At current rates, we’ll never close the gender pay gap”

Fawcett Society research based on ONS figures reveals that the UK gender pay gap has been static for three years. Improving our performance on gender equality in the workplace could increase GDP by £150 billion, yet this is an untapped opportunity as lazy stereotypes and harassment and discrimination against women remain all too real.


London lawyers’ salaries highlight massive pay gaps in the UK

London might still be the best place in the UK to practice as a lawyer, as new research reveals high salaries and large annual pay rises overshadow the rest of the country.


Gender discrimination the root cause for the pay gap

A new study suggests women do ask for pay rises but don’t get them. Academics from Cass Business School, the University of Warwick and the University of Wisconsin took gender theories to task, revealing that the major cause for the gender gap is "pure discrimination", rather than a lack of confidence or competitiveness in women.


Are you prepared to declare what you pay your employees?

From 2017, the government will require all companies employing 250 people or more to publish details of what they pay male and female employees. Legal experts at IBB Solicitors outline how businesses can prepare for the fast approaching deadline and what the consequences will be if you miss it.

Human Resources

Firms must adapt or die in the wake of the National Living Wage announcement

Some small business owners appeared dismayed at the imminent introduction of a national living wage: but given that is is definitely happening, what can they do to ensure they survive its impact?


Paying below minimum wage ‘slavery’, says entrepreneur

Aspect.co.uk MD Will Davies also calls for those who pay employees lower than £6.50 per hour to be jailed.


Pay disparity creating two-tier labour market, says CIPD report

SMEs more confident about employment prospects – but less likely to conduct pay reviews.


Five business leaders react to the planned increase in national minimum wage

If George Osborne's call for a raising of the national minimum wage by 69p goes through it will bring it back in line with pre-crash levels, but what does this mean for those having to pay it?