Patent Box

Financial Management

Why small businesses are missing out on millions in R&D tax credit relief

Failed innovations can still reward a business’s bottom line, providing extra capital which can be reinvested through the research and development (R&D) and Patent Box tax credits. Mark Tighe explains


The Patent Box and tax relief incentives for research and development

Jason Stevens, patent attorney at Dehns, gives an outline of how the Patent Box and R&D tax reliefs work as well as explaining why both may be available to businesses that don’t even realise it.

Legislation and Regulation

Open the Patent Box 

Confirmed in the 2012 Budget, the Patent Box regime is due to commence in April 2013. Sharon Bedford, business tax partner at James Cowper, looks at what it means for technology and manufacturing businesses.

Legislation and Regulation

Budget 2012 – Patent box ‘will keep businesses in UK’

A new 10 per cent tax rate on profits deriving from UK or European patents has been hailed by entrepreneurs and tax experts.