Overseas expansion

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5 essentials for expansion into the US

America is still the world’s largest single and richest market. But some of Britain’s biggest brands have crashed and burned trying to expand into the US. Matthew Lee Sawyer explains how to avoid their mistakes

Growth Planning

5 ways a translation service can help grow your business

40% of consumers will not buy from a website not in their own language. Here Ofer Tirosh explains what a translation service can do for your business.


How to relocate your business to Spain – what you need to know

A business such as a consultancy can operate just as easily on the Costa Del Sol as Blackpool. Xavier Nova on how to move your business from the UK to Spain

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Everything you need to know about doing business in Belarus

What are the benefits of doing business in Belarus? And how do you get started? Andrew Ross explains how to set up a company in one of the former Soviet Union’s fastest-growing economies

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Less than a quarter of British SMEs plan to expand beyond the UK

Small business owners blame lack of finance, inexperience and red tape equally for unwillingness to expand overseas

Financial Management

The pragmatist’s guide to currency management for businesses expanding overseas

While growing a company in new territories can be a baptism of fire, currency management need not hold back a business, as Halo Financial director David Johnson explains.


Cupid continues overseas expansion

Online dating business Cupid has made a number of Brazilian website acquisitions in a deal worth £500,000.

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Picking the right overseas market

Exporting can offer a fast track to growth, but where do you start?

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Doing business with Argentina

Argentina has experienced unparalleled growth of late, but a lack of understanding has scared off UK businesses.

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Become a success overseas

The stakes are high when trying to choose the right distribution channel during international expansion. Nick Britton finds out how to get it right

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How to grow your business overseas

One of the most difficult decisions for any growing business to make is when and if to start trading overseas.

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MXSweep eyes UK partnerships

Growing a business may be tough but to do so by expanding overseas creates a fresh set of problems. Not that any of this deters Danny Jenkins, chief technical officer of Ireland-based MXSweep.