Overseas buyers

Growth Planning

5 ways a translation service can help grow your business

40% of consumers will not buy from a website not in their own language. Here Ofer Tirosh explains what a translation service can do for your business.

Legislation and Regulation

Government to put brakes on foreign takeovers of UK technology

National Security Investment Bill will make it harder for overseas buyers to acquire sensitive UK technology firms

Mergers & Acquisitions

Britain becomes most attractive M&A country in world for overseas buyers

Consultancy giant EY says this is because of the UK's talent and technology, not weakness of sterling and undervalued companies

Mergers & Acquisitions

What happens when overseas parties acquire UK businesses?

British businesses are a very attractive proposition for overseas buyers: so what happens when a big player comes to the UK?


Value of UK acquisitions by overseas buyers soars

The value of purchases of UK companies by foreign businesses climbed to £23.4 billion during the second quarter of the year, new statistics reveal.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Why are UK businesses so attractive to overseas buyers?

With M&A now being conducted on an increasingly cross-border basis, Raymond Fagan, partner at Cavendish Corporate Finance, looks at why UK businesses are an attractive option for overseas buyers.


Overseas Buyers

Overseas buyers and private equity firms are circling UK businesses this year.


Overseas acquirers stay away

Expenditure on UK acquisitions by foreign companies in the second quarter of 2009 was at its lowest point since the second quarter of 1987.