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MITIE acquires five of its start-ups for £14.6 million

Outsourcing company MITIE has agreed to acquire the remaining shareholdings of four start-up businesses, and the majority of a fifth, which had been backed by the outsourcing company's shared-equity model.

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HR outsourcing: the basics

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The costs of using a third party can soon add up, but you can really trim the fat if it’s done properly

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Outsourced staff training

Keeping your employees up to speed with the latest training programmes can take up a lot of time you don't really have. Outsourcing may be the answer

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Outsourcing IT: Your path to strategic freedom?

Outsourcing increasingly complex IT tasks to the experts can leave you free to focus on your core business goals, as GrowthBusiness reports. But how do you decide who to entrust with such tasks.