Open banking


Open banking could be the late payment solution for businesses

The average small business spends £90,000 a year chasing overdue payments in lost time and manpower. And the late payment problem is getting worse. Open banking could provide frictionless, instant payments, says Nick Raper


Is a stressed bank a better bank?

ABBYY's Eva Weber explains how modernisation is key to preparing banks for uncertain times ahead.


Universal digital identity: How do you get it right?

One of the biggest challenges for banks and governments is how to make it easier and safer for people to identify themselves online, while allowing them to have control over the use of their own digital identity. Standard Chartered Bank's Dr Michael Gorriz writes.


20 fintechs make the cut for £5m open banking prize fund

Nesta's Open Up Challenge, a £5 million prize fund, announces 20 top fintechs. The challenge aims to inspire the creation of next-generation services, apps and tools designed for the UK’s five million small businesses.


Open banking: six month countdown to an industry revolution

We look at how fintech firms and banks can prepare for when open banking comes into effect in six months, from open APIs to nipping cyber security issues in the bud.


Open up: What open banking is going to mean for businesses

With Open Banking coming into effect in January 2018, Chris Gorst of Nesta talks us through what the change will mean for businesses alongside the Open Up Challenge.


Why the future is digital with a human touch

Technology is rewriting the rulebook for human interaction, says Standard Chartered Bank’s Group CIO, Dr Michael Gorriz.


Open banking: what fintech firms need to know

Stuart Waterman, Strategist at Mint Digital, user experience delivery partner for Nesta’s Open Up Challenge, looks at the opportunities around Open Banking and the necessity for fintechs to consider user experience alongside technology to ensure that they drive innovation that is useable and useful for the end customer.