Deals of the Week Nov 28 to Dec 2 – a Growth Business round-up

Deals this week include electronic coating to stop liquids getting into mobile phones and gaming technology that can help with early Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Venture Capital Funding

The long game: Why investing in industrial high tech is the next frontier

EcoMachine Ventures' Ilian Iliev talks to GrowthBusiness about the UK's puzzling funding gap, and why investing in industrial high tech is the next frontier for innovation.


‘Domino’ diagnostic system

The ability to conduct a quick diagnosis is important in industries ranging from personal healthcare to agriculture, and new nanotechnology could be about to give them the power to do this.


Liquipel nano-coating

Water and technology seldom go well together, but new technology could yet marry the two.


Double deal for technology manufacturers

Oxford Instruments, which manufactures tools and systems for industry and research, has purchased Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH along with its subsidiaries, and Ombiprobe in a double deal worth €46.25 million (£40.67 million).


PLUS admits nanotechnology specialist

Advance Display Technologies (ADT), a developer of nanotechnology for the electronic and electrical equipment industry, has started trading on PLUS after placing 50 million shares at 50p each.