Mezzanine funding

Articles and guides on mezzanine financing to fund growth initiatives – a type of funding that offers businesses flexibility and access to capital without diluting ownership.

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Why private investors are the answer if you want to grow post Covid-19

Ambitious SMEs will need to find working capital to replace government support when it comes to an end, says Claire Madden


Mezzanine finance – how to use senior debt to fund your scale-up

Ordinarily, entrepreneurs turn to debt or equity funding to fund their business. Alex Canham, a partner at Herrington Carmichael LLP, explains the concept of a hybrid between the two – mezzanine finance.


MT Finance secures £50 million funding deal from Insight Investment

Specialist lender MT Finance has secured £50 million in funding from Insight Investment.

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What is mezzanine finance and when is it useful?

Mezzanine finance is one of the more complex types of business funding. Conrad Ford explains when and how to secure this type of funding for your business.

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How mezzanine finance can help ambitious SMEs to grow

Darren Hart, head of growth capital at Santander UK, looks at how mezzanine finance can fit nicely between private equity and angel investments for mid-market businesses.

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Mezzanine: closing the funding gap

Ravi Longia, regulation lawyer at London-based Howard Kennedy, explains the reasons behind the increasing popularity of mezzanine finance.

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Mezzanine lenders are bouncing back

As traditional debt flags, mezzanine lenders are back in the picture funding smaller mid-market deals. Andrew MacLeod reports.

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Understanding Mezzanine Finance – Your Flexible Funding Friend?

Mezzanine finance, as its name suggests, is a layer of funding between senior bank debt and private equity and is used to support companies considered too much of a risk to finance with traditional bank funds.