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10 hacks for more productive business meetings

The average British worker will sit through 6,239 meetings in their career. That's an entire year off your life, according to estimates. The study by Sennheiser Communications went on to reveal that one in five admitted to dozing off during work meetings, while an overwhelming 60 per cent of these meeting-manic workers find them generally 'pretty pointless'.


The benefits of versatile meeting spaces

Meetings have a variety of purposes and tones, which is why your meeting spaces should be as versatile as possible.


Video conferencing: Top 10 specific body language tips

Video conferences are bringing back a visual element to remote communication and often body language is amplified: so how can you make sure you are sending out all the right signals?

Human Resources

5 ways to make sure you’re heard in meetings

Meetings are a crucial part of starting and growing a successful business: so how can you make sure you are heard when making that big pitch?


Making the right impression at a first meeting

Making the right impression at an initial meeting is as important in business as it is in personal situations.


Virtual meetings – Video-conferencing has come into its own

Video-conferencing has come into its own for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We look at the pros and cons of scrapping face-to-face meetings.


Video-conferencing set for change

Broadcaster Martyn Lewis is founder and chairman of Teliris, a company that is looking to change the face of video-conferencing.