Swings and roundabouts in Milton Keynes

This notoriously new city is faring no worse than older, more established regions at dealmaking.


KPMG forecasts gradual recovery for M&A in 2009

In its latest Global M&A Predictor, accountancy firm KPMG has forecast that deal activity will bottom out in the second or third quarter of the year, with the level of M&A gradually recovering in late 2009.


KPMG predicts continuing M&A decline

The UK is set to echo a global decline in deal-making activity, predicts accountancy giant KPMG.


Plus ca change

Nicolas Sarkozy swept to power in France in May promising economic reform - but what will it mean for French businesses and cross-border M&A activity?


American giant acquires Pride Valley Foods

American food group Gruma has acquired Pride Valley Foods for £20 million. The sellers were entrepreneur Hossain Razaei, who owned 85 per cent of the acquired company, and his fellow directors Roger McKechnie and Michael Hughes.