London Stock Exchange

Growth Planning

London Stock Exchange’s Elite adds green tech and broadband firms

The platform gives entrepreneurs the chance to connect with established industry players.


LSE creates new High Growth Segment to attract fast-growing businesses

The London Stock Exchange has unveiled its High Growth Segment as it looks to entice more technology businesses to join the markets.

Company Flotations

Why standard stock exchange listings are a mistake

James Crux, editor of Growth Company Investor, argues that a new LSE listing category is decidedly sub-standard.

Company Flotations

The De-listing Dilemma

A public listing, that 1990s must-have for any business that wanted to be taken seriously, is losing its appeal for a growing number of companies.

Company Flotations

Our float experience – Listing on the London Stock Exchange case study

The UK's second largest leather sofa retailer, Land of Leather, floated in July 2005 in a tough retail climate.