Legislation and Regulation

What all parcel shippers need to know about dimensional weight

Dimensional weight, or volumetric weight as its frequently termed, is potentially one of the most confusing aspects of shipping parcels and freight. Here ParcelHero’s head of consumer research, David Jinks, lightens the load by explaining how carriers bill shipments by weight and size

Growth Planning

From start-up to international organisation: How to grow your business from scratch

In this piece, we look at how logistics company Baxter Freight has grown to a £13 million turnover company today and reveal chairman Ian Baxter's approach to expansion.


What it’s like to be a woman in logistics

Sameena Ashraf, business development, Stowga, explains how actually the logistics industry is not that scary a place for women and discusses how during a very short passage of time, the logistics sector and Stowga has very much come to feel like ‘home’.


The rise of the digital freight forwarder

A new breed of logistics providers are pulling freight shipping into the digital age. Here's how customers are benefiting from their combination of best-in-class technology and proven logistics expertise.


Hungryhouse partners get a logistics boost with Quiqup

hungryhouse restaurants now have on-demand access to Quiqup’s fleet of bicycles, scooters and cars, its underlying technology and customer support, to match the delivery speed and efficiency of larger rivals.


How to select a logistics partner that can truly deliver

Logistics may not be the most glamorous part of running a business but it is hugely important: so how can you make sure you pick a partner that makes everything run smoothly?


How many parcels are delivered and over what distance around the UK? 

We all receive parcels in some way; presents, shopping or recorded letters. But do you know exactly how big a scale the courier industry is?


Index Ventures joins Sir Terry Leahy as investor in MetaPack

Delivery management software business MetaPack has closed a £20 million round with help from Index Ventures.


Tech Innovators 2013: Route Monkey

Everyone has a green hat of sorts on these days, and Scottish venture Route Monkey is hoping to make the most of those in the commercial haulage industry.


New investment for Synova Capital in haulage and logistics software market

London-based private equity firm Synova Capital has bought software-as-a-service business Mandata, its second acquisition of 2013.


Entrepreneurial brothers secure venture backing for freight security product

The Venture Capital arm of The North West Fund has dipped into its pockets and injected £500,000 into Loksys Solutions.


Route Monkey closes second £500,000 funding deal with regional backer

Vehicle tracking software business Route Monkey has secured £500,000 of investment for the second time in its lifetime.