What we can learn from great sporting leaders 

When it comes to picking role models and mentors, the sporting world offers an inspirational range of leaders who are great at rallying troops to achieve a collective goal.

Human Resources

Business Performance and Executive Coaching – Does it work?

We talk to four senior executives about their executive coaching experiences and ask whether the guidance provided was useful.


Barclays – a lesson in leadership

Stephen Archer, business analyst and director at UK-based business consultancy Spring Partnerships, looks at how the fall-out of the Barclays Libor scandal impacts on the role of leaders in business.


The Roberto Martinez syndrome

The Wigan manager’s strength of conviction in his own strategy is a shining example to all business leaders.

Growth Planning

Leading a fast-growth business

Leading a fast-growth business is uncannily like mountaineering. Don’t look down or you’ll get dizzy with your success and how far you’ve got. Then you’ll fall off. Just look up and keep going until you get to the top, says Chris Ingram.


Leadership in question

It is a hard job to lead. No one denies that. But the problem with poor leadership, as opposed to good leadership, is it has so many negative consequences that it’s hard to ignore.


Dysfunctional teams

I can’t get away from this idea that football is a goldfish bowl for demonstrating the best – and worst – in management practice.


Business boffins – Does high IQ gives you an edge in business?

Does the brightest CEO make for the best CEO? GrowthBusiness speaks to the boffins and the self-made millionaires to find out whether an exceptionally high IQ gives you the extra edge in business.


Bullying or leadership?

While all forms of bullying are unsavoury, it's sometimes hard to distinguish between firm leadership and oppression.


Moving from director to CEO

Steering a business can be a stressful experience, especially when you're doing it for the first time. We speak to three leaders who have made the successful jump from director to CEO.


Becoming a CEO

Taking the helm of a business can be a giddy, nerve-wracking experience. In this article we find out how three CEOs managed the transition from director to boss.


Identifying leadership talent in business

Brent Smith, an associate professor at London Business School, explains why confidence doesn't always equal effectiveness.