Growth Planning

How law firm Harper James is powering the start-up revolution

Online, digital and subscription-based, Harper James is the perfect law firm for tech-savvy start-ups

Legislation and Regulation

How lawyers can stay compliant without losing billable hours

Gary Lessels argues that document generation technology can help legal professionals stay compliant without losing billable hours

Financial Management

5 top tips if you’re considering using litigation funding

Borrowing money to fund a legal dispute can be scary. Simon Dawson offers 5 things to remember if you’re considering litigation funding.


5 ways to divorce-proof your business if you’re getting divorced

Divorce is devastating enough without losing part of your business to your ex-spouse. Lisa Pepper offers five ways to divorce-proof your business

Exit Strategies

What is a drag along covenant?

This increasingly common clause in shareholder agreements can have a huge effect on majority and minority shareholders' fortunes.

Growth Planning

Careful structuring key to international joint venture success

Research shows that joint ventures grow at twice the rate of mergers and acquisitions – here's how to set one up.

Financial Management

Law firm profile: Hugh Strickland, corporate finance partner at Aaron and Partners LLP

When scaling a business it's important to have a good legal team behind you.

Human Resources

Five key employment law developments to watch out for in April

April is a busy month for most businesses, with the start of a new financial year creating accounting and reporting requirements for many.


Artificial intelligence in law: is the industry ready?

Artificial intelligence: boon or bane? Which side of the debate should law firms take?

Human Resources

5 employment law issues you need to know

In 2017, a number of key employment law changes are being introduced that will impact UK companies. Here's what to look out for.

Legislation and Regulation

Do SMEs really need to pay big money for law firms?

To date the UK's £29bn legal services market has widely avoided the disruptive impact of the digital revolution: but as Lexoo's David Bushby explains, the landscape is changing, with technology now making it possible for entrepreneurs to access top quality legal advice at an affordable price.


Immigration enforcement raids at workplaces: all you need to know

The government is planning further crackdowns on hiring illegal immigrants: so how can you make sure you avoid punitive measures that are coming in soon?