Cyber Security

The pros and cons of DIY network security

Network security is a critical consideration for any business. But should SMEs opt for a DIY approach, an in-house team or a third-party provider?


Identifying and rectifying bad processes can be a key business driver

LDC investment director Andrew Hampshire applies his industry knowledge to the debate on what kind of IT system is the right fit.


Demerger creates two businesses out of AIM-listed Redstone Group

Redstone Group has demerged its network-based managed services business so that it can begin operating as a separate entity.


Kelway buys Repton

Kelway, a London-based IT provider, has acquired rival Repton Holdings Plc for an undisclosed sum.

Growth Planning

Outsourcing IT: Your path to strategic freedom?

Outsourcing increasingly complex IT tasks to the experts can leave you free to focus on your core business goals, as GrowthBusiness reports. But how do you decide who to entrust with such tasks.


How our IT investment almost ended in disaster

Internet retailer I Want One of Those expects to post sales this year of just under £10 million. But a half a million investment in IT nearly scuppered the business, as founders David and Tim Booth explain.


Mobile futures

New wave mobile communications tools - from WiFi networks to Blackberry handsets - are enabling astute entrepreneurs to work in ever more innovative and efficient ways.


Adapt your company’s IT or die

As technology evolves, so must your use of it, especially if you wish to remain competitive. But whether you’re upgrading or buying new, choosing the right solution from the many alternatives proffered by haughty IT suppliers is never easy.