Human Resources

Q&A: Holiday entitlement for employees

After more than ten years’ working full-time for a company are you legally entitled to have longer holidays?


Should you take bank holidays if you’re self-employed?

With the August bank holiday around the corner, Intuit's Dominic Allon lays out the pros and cons of taking the day off if you're self-employed.

Growth Planning

Do you have holiday FOMO? 95% of business owners plan to work through Christmas

Are UK business owners just not ready to let go this holiday season because of FOMO - the fear of missing out?

Human Resources

Boss takes staff on holiday as work perk

An HR advisory firm practiced what it preaches by tweaking its bonus model to include an all-staff getaway reward

Human Resources

Employees returning from holiday more stressed than when they left

Pressure to get things wrapped up before leaving and anxiety about work left behind mean some people come back from time off more stressed than when they left.

Human Resources

Public holidays and treating part-time employees fairly

Public holidays can be very tricky when trying to work out part-time and casual staff's wages fairly: so here is a quick guide to do some of the work for you.


Calculating holiday pay following recent legislation

One of the biggest issues for businesses recently has been the question of holiday pay.


Bosses cancel holiday plans

Some 43 per cent of top executives are scrapping holiday plans this summer because of the recession, concludes a survey of 500 British bosses from recruitment service TheLadders.co.uk.


Holidays make staff more stressed

The prospect of leaving work is causing employees anxiety and stress, according to research from Investors in People.

Human Resources

How to cope with staff summer holidays

Summer brings an annual headache for many growing businesses; increased trade combined with staff summer holidays. Business finance firm Bibby Financial Services offers some tips on dealing with this difficult time.