Green Innovation & Finance


Jon Moulton’s Greensphere Capital leads first investment for UK Green Investment Bank 

The UK Green Investment Bank has been officially opened and has closed two investments to mark its beginning.


David Cameron’s Green Investment Bank gets EC rubber stamp for operation

The coalition government's Green Investment Bank has received the seal of approval from the European Commission.


Moulton and Fairman team up on government green fund

Jon Moulton's newly formed Greensphere Capital and Foresight Group are to lead a new £80 million investment fund aimed at promoting green infrastructure.


James Caan-backed fund supports Ecometrica

Green-orientated Berti Investments has made its first 2012 investment in a Scottish greenhouse gas monitoring company.


Europe still loves UK innovation

It’s totally wrong for the UK to be asked for €50 billion a year just to allow France and Germany collateral to borrow a trillion from China to pay off their banking losses.

Financial Management

How green is the coalition?

Andrew Raingold of eco-lobbyists Aldersgate Group looks at the government’s commitment to green business.

Growth Planning

21 ways to make your business go green

No longer the preserve of environmentalists, the concept of sustainability has entered the business mainstream. Here are 21 ways to grow your business and boost your bottom line by applying a bit of green thinking.


Advanced Plasma Power in joint venture

Waste-to-energy company Advanced Plasma Power has formed a joint venture with private equity fund Leveraged Green Energy to deploy its technology.


Green fund has £15 million to invest

Venture capital firm Foresight has announced the first closing of its Sustainable UK Investment Fund, which will invest in the environmental infrastructure sector. The fund has raised £15 million to date ‘primarily from ultra-high net worth investors’ and expects a final close at £20 million before Christmas.


‘Green credentials’ important for businesses

Maurice Fitzpatrick, economist and tax expert at Grant Thornton, considers the hot topic of ‘green issues’ and measures likely to affect UK businesses in the coming years.


New £2m Israeli AIM float

Greenkote, a young ‘eco-friendly’ Israeli coatings company targeting the motor and construction sectors, plans to raise £2 million at 25p to fund expansion.