Gig Economy

Legislation and Regulation

Freelancers and gig workers are now entitled to payslips by law

As part of the government's Good Work Plan, employers and freelancers must get a payslip detailing the hours they've worked.

Human Resources

Why transferrable skills are the key to talent development in the gig economy

Training staff, whether they are full time employees or freelancers, is crucial for the gig economy. Robert Half's Phil Sheridan explains.

Human Resources

How technology can help to diffuse threat of a freelance revolution

The UK is sitting on a workforce time bomb, the freelance revolution, says PeoplePerHour's Xenios Thrasyvoulou. Here is how businesses can diffuse it.

Legislation and Regulation

Is the Taylor Review a step in the right direction?

Excello Law's Karen Coleman dissects the Taylor Review and what it means for the gig economy.

Growth Planning

The one key thing gig economy workers aren’t doing

Gig economy workers may need to plan for the worst-case scenario, says Kirwans solicitor Jean-Paul Dennis.

Financial Management

Optimising the gig economy for payroll

Stuart Holmes, AFEX’s EMEA sales director, explains how to balance the dynamism of today’s workforce with payroll efficiency and tax compliance.

Human Resources

Ignore the gig economy at your peril: The rise of the freelancer

An increasing demand for flexible working for employees sees the rise in the gig economy. Ignore them and you may just miss out on their talent.


London gig economy start-ups take longer to generate ROI

A new study looks into time needed to recover investments using various shared economy business models around the world. Here's where the UK stands.

Human Resources

Gig economy workers boost more than a quarter of UK SMEs

Gig workers are employed at more than a quarter of UK SMEs, according to a new study, even though the majority of entrepreneurs fear the potential insecurity gig economy work can bring for both workers and businesses.

Human Resources

Free English lessons not enough to compensate underpaid Uber drivers, says union

Drivers' union GMB is not impressed with Uber's new initiatives meant to address the fact that the company's drivers were not paid or treated as employees. Here's why.

Human Resources

Protest against Deliveroo’s “exploitation” of gig economy workers scheduled

A protest against what the Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Union Council call "the face of contemporary exploitation in London" is scheduled to take place tomorrow at the Deliveroo depot.


Data science enters the gig economy with Pivigo’s new marketplace

Pivigo, the newest entrant in the gig economy may help bridge the UK's digital skills gap by freeing up data scientists to manage their own time and work with businesses on specific projects as and when they're needed.