Future Fund


British Patient Capital invested £1.6bn into start-ups in 2021/22

Over the year, it made 61 fund commitments, four co-investments and five Future Fund: Breakthrough deals


Future Fund backed ‘zombie businesses’

British Business Bank director Dharmash Mistry warned in June last year that businesses in the scheme had a ‘limited chance of growth to a sufficient scale for success’


Future Fund now has stakes in 400 UK start-ups

The government takes equity in 400 companies after providing £1.14bn in Covid loans


Future Fund: Breakthrough – 6 tips for tech start-ups

How to prime your start-up for investment through Future Fund: Breakthrough, the £375m scheme to encourage private investors to co-invest with government in high-growth, innovative firms

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Future Fund: Breakthrough – £375m fund for tech scale-ups to launch

Government to take equity stakes in fast-growing tech companies matching venture capital finance


Future Fund takes stakes in 25 businesses, turning debt into equity

Start-ups are turning debt from the Future Fund into equity, meaning that the government now has stakes in these businesses.


Over 1,000 tech start-ups have gone bust since lockdown

Sharp acceleration in number of high-growth businesses filing for bankruptcy as short-term effects of government Covid-19 support wear off.


What the Government needs to do to save British start-ups

Government must acknowledge the failures of the Future Fund and pursue longer-term solutions, argues Michael Buckworth.

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Future Fund – government tech start-up bailout scheme how it works

The Treasury has announced the £500m Future Fund tech start-up bailout scheme, which could see the government owning half of some of Britain's fastest-growing companies


Future Fund opens to British start-ups headquartered overseas

Future Fund extends to allow UK tech start-ups that have joined US accelerator programmes to apply for emergency coronavirus bailout funding

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Future Fund approves just approves 10% of loan applications

Government’s tech start-up bailout fund has lent £56m so far to 53 companies, despite receiving 533 funding applications


British start-ups with American investors to qualify for Future Fund

Treasury to loosen rules, allowing British start-ups with American owners to still access £250m Future Fund