Accuma float targets £4m

Debt advice provider Accuma is meeting strong demand for its shares ahead of an imminent flotation on AIM and now expects to raise £4 million (rather than the initially hoped for £2.5 million) with the aid of broker Daniel Stewart.


Cornish keeps them coming

Small company adviser Beaumont Cornish has raised £9.7 million for Australian entrepreneur Kevin Foo’s new Kazakhstan oil play Victoria Oil.


Rusling’s offshore AIM float

Paul Rusling is rushing to float radio venture Isle of Man International Broadcasting, while conditions for media shares continue to brighten.

Company Flotations

Chris Barling: why I chose to delist

Chris Barling is CEO of e-commerce specialist Actinic, which floated in May 2000 but delisted two years later.

Exit Strategies

Company valuation snakes and ladders

Take two companies. Equal size, equal prospects. Yet one is valued twice as highly as the other. Why? And how do you ensure your company gets the highest valuation possible?