Bank finance in the credit crunch

Despite talk that lending terms are tightening and cash is harder to come by, banks insist that their doors are as open as ever to growing companies.

Financial Management

Keep out: accountants at work

In many SMEs, the finance function simply doesn’t deliver the information the business needs.

Financial Management

How to improve your year-end numbers

Research from consultancy firm REL suggests that public companies improve their year-end results through a number of well-established ‘games’.


Refinancing for John Langford

Gentlemen's branded clothing business John Langford has been refinanced via a £3 million asset-based lending package.


Barclays sells Cabot

Barclays Private Equity has passed control of debt purchase group Cabot Financial over to European investment group Nikko Principal, via a £275 million secondary buyout.


Peter Cullum: King of finance

Peter Cullum is shaking up the insurance sector by injecting a sense of fun, having boldly rejected the rituals of corporate life for the thrill of building his own business.


Return of the business overdraft

Business overdrafts have endured a tough press in recent years. But while they lack the marketability of loans and credit cards or the sexiness of invoice discounting, they remain as important as ever to growing businesses.

Alternative Finance for Business

Ten ways to raise £10 million

It’s no secret that raising small amounts of cash is still much harder than raising large sums. But the environment is changing and there are now many more players working hard to bridge the finance gap.

Financial Management

How to find long-term finance sources to fund expansion

Long-term finance can give you the necessary funds to expand your business fast. But you won’t get money for nothing.