Family offices


Why it’s a good time to invest in UK start-ups if you’re a dollar investor

A weak pound, more realistic valuations, and US tech companies hungry to buy into British rivals, means there’s never been a better time to invest in UK start-ups, says Nick Hill of QVentures

Venture Capital Funding

Digital Horizon to back eight start-ups a year

London and Tel Aviv-based VC offers multistage investment all the way up to Series D through separate funds.

Alternative Finance for Business

Raising finance from family offices

Family offices, the wealth managers of very wealthy families, are often cloaked in mystery. As investors, they are not constrained like venture capital or private equity. George Pennock pulls the curtain back


Why family offices could be a godsend for start-up funding

For years, family offices of wealthy dynasties have invested in bonds and shares. However, the next generation of family offices in looking to invest in fast-growth start-ups, says Ian Borman


Expert advice on how SMEs can attract funding from family offices

Patrick Butler, CEO of Prime Wealth Group and CIO of Omada Capital, unlocks the secrets of securing capital from the family office source.