Family business


What family businesses can learn from The Godfather

Aside from being one of the most influential books and films of my generation, The Godfather has a few lessons for the boss of a family-run business, writes Ken Jacobson, former CEO of chief executive mentoring organisation, Vistage

Exit Strategies

The hows and whys of selling a UK family business 

For those weighing up what kind of future their family company might have, here's an explanation of needs to be done if a sale process is ultimately picked.


How family businesses can use external funding to their advantage

Duncan James, head of family business at law firm Shakespeare Martineau, explains what options are available for family businesses who are looking to grow.


Top 10 tips for anyone considering starting a family business

Starting a family business is known to be a big challenge but here, two co-founders explain key points to consider before working with family.


Eight of the most successful UK family businesses

Nearly 9 out of 10 private companies in the UK are family-owned and they remain essential to the British economy, marketing consultant Sharon Fishburne finds.

Human Resources

Keep it in the family: Should you run a business with your family?

AXA PPP healthcare has developed a handy quiz and has shared its top six tips on how to keep family business productivity at a high.


UK father-son businesses make a comeback

New research reveals a come back in legacy father-son businesses as young people are increasingly choosing to follow in dad's footsteps when choosing a career.

Private equity

Private equity and the family business

A private equity firm may not seem the natural partner for your family business, but taking on external investment doesn't have to mean losing all control.

Growth Planning

Can family businesses flourish?

The business world is littered with examples of relatives working together successfully, but how do family members avoid unfair favouritism while also preventing parental power struggles and keeping sibling rivalry out of the boardroom? GrowthBusiness talks to the leaders of growing family businesses to find out.


Dunedin nears Sand Aire deal

Edinburgh-based Dunedin Capital Partners is on the verge of acquiring rival buyout business Sand Aire Private Equity (SAPE), a specialist investor in owner-managed and family-run businesses.


Family businesses come full circle

Only three out of every 100 family businesses make it through to the fourth generation. Can this be improved? Yes, with a few simple steps.