PR and Marketing Strategy

Why venture capital funds need to develop a social conscience

When will VCs catch up with brands and prioritise purpose? When consumers demand it, argues Kelli Lane Macdonald


Artificial Intelligence in HR – the future is now

Artificial intelligence has the capacity to give HR managers the power to make better decisions for the workforce they manage.

Growth Planning

Why green ethics makes business sense

Can UK businesses embrace green ethics and become planet savers? First Mile's Bruce Bratley writes.

Human Resources

Sex, love and dress codes

More than half of British bosses think it is not an abuse of power to have a relationship with a more junior colleague, while almost a quarter of businesswomen have been groped by a senior colleague or a client, according to a new survey from the Aziz Corporation.


Business ethics: Between right and wrong

In the cut and thrust of business deals, dubious decisions and questionable morals are commonplace but can cause serious problems for growing companies, says Michael Jackson.