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CEO mentor slams Peter Jones’ Tycoon

Ashley Ward, head of CEO mentoring company The European Leadership Programme, has criticised a new TV series fronted by Dragons' Den stalwart Peter Jones.

Alternative Finance for Business

Entrepreneurs on the Money Trail

Finding the right backers for your business can be a tricky task.


My Big Idea – by Rachel Bridge

The book: My Big Idea, by Rachel Bridge. Review by: Glyn Heald, CEO, Shirlaws Business Coaching


Entrepreneurs thrive on independence

While financial gain may commonly be perceived as the main reason to start up an enterprise, research by YouGov shows an overwhelming 89 per cent of business owners rated independence to make their own decisions as a key benefit of running a business.


Risk is necessary for entrepreneurs, says FPB

The Forum of Private Business (FPB) has welcomed a report by the Better Regulation Commission (BRC) which identifies the emergence of a ‘culture of risk-aversion’ in the UK.

Growth Planning

The challenge of change

Adjusting to growth is one of the most difficult challenges you face as an entrepreneur. You may have the traits it takes to make your business a winner, but you'll be the victim of your own success if you don't plan for the new world in which you find yourself when your efforts start to pay off.


Aiming for high growth – Entrepreneurship Survey

Less than ten per cent of early-stage entrepreneurs expect their businesses to be employing 20 or more individuals within five years, according to a new worldwide survey from research collective the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.


We asked entrepreneurs what they would do with £100,000

Most entrepreneurs are far too focused on their own businesses to contemplate what they’d like to do in the future. Undeterred, GrowthBusiness decided to ask a simple question: ‘What would you do with £100,000?’


Entrepreneur Quotes

Some of our favourite quotes from entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business personalities involved in the start-up and growth business sector.