Employee Welfare


Post-bank holiday blues: Top 10 tips for managing stress

Susan Scott, a business psychologist, nutritionist and author shares 10 tips to help employees avoid workplace stress after a long weekend off.

Human Resources

5 benefits of offering a sabbatical to help beat the burnout

Modern businesses are becoming more and more innovative when it comes to employee benefits, see how offering a sabbatical scheme can boost your workforce.

Human Resources

5 ways business can make themselves more attractive to employees

What makes talented employees pick one place over the other? More importantly, how can you make sure your business is the most attractive for the best and brightest? Jon Paul Kelly at Trust Deed Scotland writes.

Human Resources

On-boarding employees: 5 ways to make it less painful

On-boarding is the industry term for the process by which new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new roles. Here are five fool-proof ways to make the process smooth for new employees.

Human Resources

Why make a midlife career change? 

How can employers deal with mid-career changes? Hudson's Tim Drake explains.

Human Resources

Why one in four Brits are unhappy at work

With only one per cent of UK employees acknowledging the importance of taking a lunch break, and five per cent rating work-life balance as important, the number of unhappy workers may be set to rise.

Legislation and Regulation

Uber drivers now have workers rights, but is it all good news?

Today’s Uber ruling to grant drivers workers rights may be the watershed the industry has been waiting for.


Man on a mission: 5 minutes with Glenn Elliott

Reward Gateway's Glenn Eliott is on a mission to make the world a happier place to work. Here's what makes him tick.

Human Resources

Lessons from the Brangelina breakup

David Price comments on relationships breakdowns – should employers offer their support and how can they do this?