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Start-ups raise record £2.3bn through EIS

The number of start-ups that raised money through EIS also reached an all-time high of 4,480 in the year ending April 2022

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Top 20 EIS funds and investors you should know about

Which EIS investor is right for you? Growth Business guide to some of the most active EIS funds in the market.

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What is SEIS tax relief and how to claim

The Government has just raised the amount you can raise through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) to £250,000, which offers a golden fundraising opportunity to startup founders


British intelligence – the Government needs to support domestic investors

Why look to foreign investment when there is so much untapped investment potential here in the UK, questions Stephen Page

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Curated Capital to raise £10m in year one for fast-growth start-ups

EISA teams up with start-up ratings agency Capital Pilot to launch platform where EIS investors can see the pick of fast-growth companies

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Deepbridge EIS to raise £86m this tax year for tech start-ups

Deepbridge Capital EIS fund wants to nearly triple £29m raised through EIS in 2020/21 tax year, enabling deeper investment in more companies

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Vala Capital launches £20m EIS fund for sustainable start-ups

Vala Capital launches the Vala Sustainable Growth EIS targeting small companies focused on sustainable solutions  


Critical importance of private company valuations in the post-Covid world

As an investor, putting a value on an EIS company during the pandemic is difficult. Getting an independent valuation is the answer

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Start-up founders give £250m Future Fund the thumbs-down

EU state aid rules prevent government’s £250m Future Fund being combined with existing tax reliefs such as Enterprise Investment Scheme

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Future Fund investors could be offered 30% tax break

Treasury debating whether to offer EIS tax relief to investors co-investing in its £500m Future Fund scheme


Nine out of 10 growth businesses to close within a year

Investors taking fright during the coronavirus crisis are imperiling the future of Britain’s potential unicorns, says survey

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Why government needs to boost EIS tax relief to 80% to save our start-ups

Increasing EIS tax relief to 80% would inject £2bn of investment into the UK’s crucial start-ups, the Googles and Facebooks of the future, argues Jasper Smith.