Digital transformation


Call for digital adoption fund to boost small business productivity

Tech start-ups call for a Singapore-style fund to help small businesses cover the cost of upgrading digital solutions, boosting the UK’s woeful productivity

Growth Planning

6 ways to make your e-commerce business a success during COVID-19

Online will account for one third of all retail sales within a few years. Neil Tunbridge shares his tips to optimise your digital shopfront


How digital adoption can give you a competitive advantage

Too often companies introduce expensive new software into an organisation without providing much support for staff getting to grips with it. Help your employees to get the best out of tech if you want them to leverage it


Growth businesses face skills shortage when it comes to new technology

One fifth of staff say they don’t feel equipped to employ the latest technology


Growth in 91% of companies held back by technology issues

Data security worries, lack of budget and skills shortages alarm company bosses

Human Resources

Reskillling and upskilling: the key to success in the digital revolution

Helping employees to develop is crucial to business success. Olivia Parrish from Haines Watts explains what employers need to know about reskilling and upskilling their staff.


Is a stressed bank a better bank?

ABBYY's Eva Weber explains how modernisation is key to preparing banks for uncertain times ahead.


Reaching the digital transformation promised land

Here, Matthew McGrory, group strategy director at Six Degrees Group, explains how digital transformation can revolutionise your business.


9 ways to enhance your digital architecture

Axway's Vince Padua outlines nine best practices to enhance your digital architecture.


Hello, digital: Yell announces the last publication of Yellow Pages

2019 will see the final print distribution of the iconic Yellow Pages in the UK.


Breakthrough brands: how digital transformation can help businesses stand out

Successful businesses are those willing to challenge their own assumptions and embrace technology transformation and self-disruption. Workday's Leighanne Levensaler writes.


Does your business deliver on digital?

Going digital is now more a matter of necessity than choice. DocuSign's Helen Sutton writes.