Digital and Online Payments


Mobile payment systems for events and festivals

A mobile payment system is a point-of-sale device that accepts payment via cards and mobile phones – here are some of the best options on the market

PR and Marketing Strategy

Top digital marketing trends for 2019

Voice search and personalisation are set to drive digital marketing decision making in 2019, according to experts.

Alternative Finance for Business

Interview with Steve Newton, EVP of UK & Europe at Worldpay

In this one-on-one, we discuss the future of alternative funding, why strategic partnerships between finance institutions will be key to servicing SMEs, and the challenges scale-ups face today.


Business technology: Three choices for growing businesses to consider

Here's how GPS trackers, APIs and online payment systems can help your business scale.


Fintech firm Glint Pay promotes technical lead

Dmitry Matyukhin will lead the team following CTOs departure in April.


The future of spending: How technology will shape how we pay

As technology makes spending money more and more convenient, we take a look at what the future holds for the consumer.

Financial Management

Card payment surcharge ban: How will it affect your business?

In an unprecedented move, the government announced that from January retailers will be banned from charging customers fees to use their credit or debit card at point of purchase. What does this mean for your business? Mark Latham, director at Handepay, explains.


SMEs demand real-time payments: why banks need to catch up

A global survey reveals high demand among US and European small and medium-sized businesses for fast and innovative payment and banking services. 43 per cent of SMEs globally say being able to send and receive payments in real-time would be essential to their success.


US payments-as-a-service firm eyes UK market

WePay, payments partner to the 'platform economy' across the Atlantic, expands to the UK to link multi-party payments overseas|WePay, payments partner to the 'platform economy' across the Atlantic, expands to the UK to link multi-party payments overseas


Are we closer to a cashless future?

Infographic: here's what the future of payments will look like.


Tossed goes cash-free

No cash, no problem. The "healthier eating place" starts the transition. What does this mean for the food-to-go market?


ShopKeep raises $60m to enter UK market

Cloud-based point-of-sale provider based in New York targets UK market in international expansion drive.