What are the key benefits of growth-driven website design?

If you are looking to grow your business, designing a new website to attract a new customer base is key.

Growth Planning

The importance of investing in design

Design influences and impact in equal ways both functionality and marketability. Here's why it matters in your business.


Better design, higher conversions: why your website may need a redesign

High bounce rates and low conversion rates come from a range of different issues. Here's why a website redesign may help boost your conversions.

Growth Planning

Behind the scenes: Industrial design

In this piece, we take a look at the functionality of planes, trains and automobiles and reveal why they look the way they do.

Growth Planning

Design innovation or a game of musical chairs?

To hot desk or not to hot desk; that is the question for Office Depot's Paula Marshall|To hot desk or not to hot desk; that is the question for Office Depot's Paula Marshall

PR and Marketing Strategy

Embrace a design-first culture

For years designers have been touting the business benefits of design, so it's surprising that they're only just starting to get a seat at the table. This is thanks, in part, to the success of design-led start-ups like AirBnB, the rise in design-focussed VC funds, and the emergence of titles like CXO and CDO.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Four Communications acquires PR and design business Francis Balsom Associates

Integrated communications agency snaps up market leader in Welsh PR sector.


Designs on a growing business: how your website can make or break you

Here, we look at the importance of a web design strategy that bears in mind the importance of aesthetics, functionality, SEO and engagement


Gender pay gap remains pronounced among designers

Extensive study on designers’ salaries looks at comparative pay ahead of Designer Week.


Trunki’s wheels fall off: The battle to protect its design

From failing on Dragons’ Den to selling over two million of its children’s suitcases, Verity Ellis, an associate solicitor at D Young & Co, explains why Trunki are now at the mercy of copy-cat designs.


How to successfully commercialise and protect new product designs

The UK has come up with more than its fair share of iconic products. Nick Britton talks to product inventors and designers about the sources of their inspiration, and how they have commercialised and protected their ideas


On the up…Now Wash Your Hands

Design agency Now Wash Your Hands launched in 2001 in a depressed market, but has experienced strong growth and is looking this year to double its current turnover of £1 million.