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6 tips to improve your company’s business credit rating

Three out of five businesses never check their credit rating. Yet a poor rating can affect your business’s ability to borrow just as much as a personal credit score. Simon Willmett shares 6 tips to improve your business credit rating


Bank ring-fencing: the catalyst for businesses to review their banking exposure

Paul Richards, chairman of active cash management firm Insignis Cash Solutions, explains the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for businesses as retail banks ring-fence their operations.

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My Credit Controllers: a new app checks if a business is still trading

A new web app, My Credit Controllers, lets users check whether a company is still trading to help chase late payments or services.

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Do business credit scores matter?

Having control of your budget and understanding your personal credit history are great foundations for any growing business, says Experian's Ade Potts. Here's why.


Banks tighten purse strings on SME credit

Value of rejected credit up 28% in 2014 Q3.

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Improving your business credit status

Clive Newell, director of business services provider Halagen, explains how businesses can get and maintain a good credit rating.