Human Resources

What should you include in an employment contract?

When you’re starting a business, employee contracts are probably the last thing on your mind. Drafting a well-written contract defangs problems down the line


Pursuing legal action for a contract dispute 

Contract disputes can be a real headache for SMEs; especially when the other party has more financial and legal clout: so how can you make sure you're best prepared for the struggle ahead?


CBI: Flexible contracts ‘support business growth’

Business body responds to figures suggesting there are 1.8m zero-hours workers in the UK

Exit Strategies

Selling your company or business: Are your commercial contracts in order? 

Sam Jardine, partner at commercial law firm Watson Burton, looks at how customer and supplier contracts are factored into a company sale.

Legislation and Regulation

Perils and pitfalls in negotiating commercial contracts

A big contract can be a make or break moment for a growth business – but they are not without their risks, explains Simon Portman, managing associate at Marks & Clerk Solicitors.

Human Resources

The emergence of zero hours contracts and their worth for SMEs

Neil Pickering, marketing manager at Kronos UK looks at the debate around the growing trend of zero hour contracts and the workforce considerations needed to manage the changing employment landscape.

Human Resources

Employee shareholder contracts: How will shares for rights work?

Emma Bailey and Jaspal Pachu, partner and senior associate at law firm Fox Williams, have a look at the upcoming 'employee shareholder' legislation to see which businesses it will be best suited to.

Legislation and Regulation

Commercial Contract Killers

Neil Emerson of Bircham Dyson Bell LLP looks at a recent Supreme Court decision and considers the lessons to be learnt.

Legislation and Regulation

UK contracts in US courts

When a UK seller and a US buyer agree that English law will govern their contract, it doesn’t necessarily mean an American court will respect that agreement, writes Scott M James, a specialist in US legislation at law firm Faegre & Benson.

Legislation and Regulation

Service level agreements

You want to make sure you get what you're paying for from your suppliers. Service level agreements (SLAs) can set agreed standards in stone so you're not left squabbling over details.