True looking to deploy £10m into retail start-ups in 2023

London-based investment firm willing to invest up to £5m into 10 to 12 consumer-based start-ups in 2023.

Venture Capital Funding

ITV AdVentures to invest £15m in consumer start-ups this year

Media-for-equity, a well-known concept in Europe, offers ad spend in exchange for an equity stake in fast-growth consumer scaleups

Venture Capital Funding

VGC Partners closes fund at over £50m to invest in consumer, media tech

Fund will invest between £2-5m apiece in consumer, media and tech companies


The four influencers on consumer behaviour

A marketing campaign needs to consider a range of factors to succeed with today's consumer.


Subscription nation: 9 in 10 UK consumers are now subscribers

Last year, the average adult in the UK spent approximately £18.49 per month on subscription services. Now, the average monthly spend is three times that figure.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Consumers predict ten more years for LinkedIn and Pinterest for brand communication

Most consumers see social media platforms as passing trends and prefer email marketing best, according to a new study.

PR and Marketing Strategy

The rise of the conscious consumer

Consumers today base their buying decisions on many things beyond price. Zendesk's Tiffany Apczynski explains why ethical businesses do well in our current market, and how you can appeal to the conscious consumer.


Consumer confidence up five points

GfK’s long-running Consumer Confidence Index has increased by five points this month, suggesting a 'business as usual' post-Brexit scenario


Safety concerns are keeping consumers from jumping on the sharing economy bandwagon

According to a transatlantic survey, consumers in the UK and US aren't completely sold on being part of the sharing economy.


Oiling the wheels of behavioural change

Keith Brown, chief executive of mobile payments service Paythru, declares that his company is ‘not out to change the world’. Instead, he aims to alter consumer behaviour by ‘oiling the wheels’ of change.


Consumer legislation overhaul

The EU is set to standardise and extend consumer legislation. Jennifer Edwards, an associate at law firm Thomson Snell & Passmore, looks at what that means for UK businesses.