Company Growth


Borrow A Boat: Matt Ovenden on growing a P2P business

Borrow A Boat founder, Matt Ovenden on spotting a genuine opportunity for disruption at a time where most businesses tout themselves to be the Uber-of-X or the Airbnb-of-Y.


Four steps in IT investment that can drive business growth

Investing in IT is nothing new but how smart are you with your money? These four simple steps could be the difference between return on investment and perpetual frustration.

Growth Planning

Pursuing business growth? It pays to know your limits and relinquish control

When a company reaches a certain stage, XLN Business Services founder Christian Nellemann believes it is critical to take a step back and allow the talent assembled to flourish.


Peter Jones: Ten rules for business success

Dragons' Den supremo Peter Jones offers entrepreneurs and business owner-managers tips and encouragement on technology, branding and shares his rules for success.

Growth Planning

Case Studies: Companies that managed to grow during a recession

A brave breed of entrepreneurs are determined to come through the downturn leaner, stronger and more profitable. GrowthBusiness reports on recession-busting companies in the UK.

Growth Planning

Second Stage Growth Companies – A Case Study

While the start-up phase of a company’s life can be make or break, the next step in the evolution of a growing business can be even tougher.


Eurosceptic Hew Balfour grows Europa

Self-proclaimed eurosceptic Hew Balfour – a prominent supporter of the ‘vote no’ campaign against the European Constitution – is driving a disciplined revival at aptly named Havelock Europa, the Scottish shops-to-schools outfitter.


The importance of confidence and self-belief when building a business

This Masterclass on "Confidence and Self-Belief " is just a few minutes selected from over 25 hours of audio material designed to help you grow a successful business.