Company culture


The ideal work environment

The work environment has a significant effect on employee motivation, job satisfaction and team morale. Employees are enthusiastic about reporting to work every day if the work environment is a positive one. The work environment includes a company’s location, facilities, culture, interactions between employees and employers, and growth opportunities, to name but a few.


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New academic research shows that employees aren't working in teams as much as they could be.

Human Resources

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Forget the short-term bottom-line. Poor values ultimately bring leaders and companies down, as shown by Uber's reputational crash-and-burn. Here are 15 positive examples to help you build a strong and lasting company culture. 


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Defining and promoting your company’s best possible values is not difficult, as long as you put your people first, says Bullhorn's Peter Linas.


How creating a cultural revolution can grow your workforce

If you want to grow a workforce fit for the future of technology, you must start with your culture.