Cloud Technology

Accounting and Finance Software

Desktop vs cloud accounting: What to consider 

What are the key differences between desktop and cloud accounting software, and what should you consider when it comes to choosing a solution for your business


4 tech investment trends to watch out for in 2023

What are the hot areas for tech investors to be putting their money into? Daniel Bailey of ECI Partners looks into his crystal ball

Cyber Security

Cloud security posture management (CSPM): A must-have for modern businesses

Here, we talk about what cloud security posture management (CSPM) is and why you need it for your business


Celebrating Entrepreneurs – George Richardson, CEO of AeroCloud

George Richardson, CEO of Aerocloud, explains why he doesn't like the term 'entrepreneur' and what he loves about running a business


Third party outsourcing trends among UK businesses

Here, Anand Srinivasan, founder of business app suite company Hubbion, helps explain how third party outsourcing in the UK can help firms' scale.

Venture Capital Funding

What do cloud start-ups need to do in order to attract the right kind of investment?

With the adoption of cloud computing in Europe at an all-time high, here's what cloud SMEs need to do in order to attract the right kind of investment. Salesforce Ventures' Alex Kayyal writes.


Reaching for the clouds: Ten considerations for using cloud tech

Dave Ricketts, head of sales and marketing at Six Degrees, gives his top ten considerations for using cloud technology.


Penetrating the fog of cloud hosting

What’s the story with cloud hosting? Who’s it for? How do you choose a provider?


Google: Why building on an environmentally responsible cloud matters

Here's why Google is investing in sustainability, particularly when it comes to building an environmentally responsible data centres.


7 reasons why your business needs to move to the cloud

Many businesses have adopted cloud computing in their operations in the past few years. Cloud computing or on-demand computing as it is sometimes called refers to a system of using computer services over the internet.

Venture Capital Funding

Why it’s all about the cloud for the UK’s most active corporate VC

Salesforce Ventures is the most active corporate VC in the UK, but its focus is only on cloud start-ups. Here's why.


CircleLoop: Dragging telecoms into the 21st century via cloud

CircleLoop is a disruptive business telephony product that is single-handedly dragging the telecoms sector to serve modern, mobile and lean start-ups.