Cash Flow

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How to manage your business cash flow more effectively  

Get on top of your cash flow by updating your forecast, renegotiating terms and investing in tech like a smart meter

Financial Management

21 tips for cash flow management

There are two fundamental goals at the heart of improving your cash flow: control your expenditure and regulate your income. To that end, there’s a raft of clever tactics that can enable you to explore expansion opportunities and reduce the chance of being caught short if the unexpected happens.


7 funding choices when it comes to financing your start-up

You've got a killer USP for your new business and can see where revenue is going to come from. But where do you turn for that all-important funding to get your business off the kitchen table and up-and-running?

Financial Management

Over half of start-ups only have enough cash flow to survive six months

A number of worried UK start-ups only have enough cash flow to last them six months at most, new findings show.


Almost one in seven SME owners can’t pay staff due to cash flow issues

New research from QuickBooks shows the extent to which small business owners suffer from cash flow issues.

Growth Planning

Growth and exporting: Take your business to the next level

Clive Lewis, head of SME issues at the ICAEW, explains that in light of improving confidence, business owners need to make sure that groundwork is completed before expansion.


Entrepreneur profile: Colin Hewitt, CEO of Float

Colin Hewitt, CEO of Edinburgh-based accountancy software firm Float talks us through his journey of becoming a fintech entrepreneur.

Financial Management

How to supercharge your business cash flow

Here, we give a few alternatives that business owners can look at when it comes to tackling cash flow.

Financial Management

How to keep cash flowing through seasonal peaks and troughs

Seasonal imbalances are a particular problem for smaller companies without the financial muscle to absorb occasional losses: Aldermore Bank MD Damon Walford explains how to plan ahead and survive.

Financial Management

10 quick tips to ward off Q1 cashflow shortages

Tracy Ewen, managing director of IGF Invoice Finance provides 10 New Year's resolutions to set businesses on the road to success in 2015.

Alternative Finance for Business

A guide to business cash flow management issues

Maintaining a healthy cash flow can be the difference between prosperity and going under. GrowthBusiness speaks to business builders about how they've tackled the hurdles of cash flow, and what they recommend as best practice.

Alternative Finance for Business

Know your cash flow

If you’re running a business, the chances are you’ve been concentrating on cash flow like never before during the past 12 months.