Business insurance


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From public liability insurance to cyber insurance, getting the right cover from the start is critical for startups


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Delay insurance can be critical for start-ups in the construction and engineering industries, which rely on projects being completed on time


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In most instances, you'll need employers' liability insurance for your business. But what if you hire someone who is self-employed?


How I’ve grown my business: Cameron Shearer, co-founder Superscript

Disrupting one-sized-fits-all business insurance, Superscript offers bespoke cover to 1,000 business types. Cameron Shearer takes us on his five-year journey

Financial Management

Personal guarantee and small business – everything you need to know

40pc of small business owners are unaware that they risk losing their home and their savings if they sign a personal guarantee. Insurance could help mitigate that risk, explains Todd Davison


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Following the Brexit result in 2016, questions remain over the future of the UK’s powerful insurance industry.


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Steven Mendel, founder of Bought By Many, discusses the ridiculous insurance quote that inspired the company's birth, the problem of prioritising your efforts in a scale-up, and why he isn't that concerned about his giant competitors.


Entrepreneur interview: Adam Leyens, director at Heath Crawford

Adam Leyens, director at business insurance firm Heath Crawford explains how the company is posting growth of 50 per cent year-on-year.


Which car insurance payment option is the best for your business

As you know, business car insurance tends to be more expensive than regular car insurance, so it’s all the more important to find the right policy and the best car insurance payment option possible.


Business insurance: What you need to know

Before you get business insurance, however, there are a few things you should know. This article elaborates on the most common types of business insurance you can make the most of.


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Business insurance expert Andrew Rigby outlines the questions every business owner should be asking when shopping for a policy.